Heather Ouilette, CFO

Heather Ouilette.jpg

Heather brings to our company her knowledge of Business & Finance through previously owning her own business, as well as serving as Business Services Manager for 9 years at a hospitality firm. She has a B.A. in Psychology from Western Washington University and a Masters in Business Administration from Kaplan University. She previously worked for Bellingham Yachts in 2008 and we are excited to have her back in a different capacity as CFO. Heather leads our in-house financing program as well as works various aspects of the company’s accounting & financial affairs. Heather is the wife of Matt Ouilette and Daughter-in-Law of Dean & Donna Ouilette. Matt and Heather have two beautiful children, Olive and Frances. As a family they enjoy exploring the great outdoors, going boating, camping and traveling the world.

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